I Spent THIS Much Money on a Failed Date

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Dates. You spend days planning and envisioning how things will play out, from the places you’ll go, the food you’ll eat, all down to the minor details like the shoes you’re going to wear. Nothing could possibly go wrong, right? Until it does. We’re sharing some pretty epic expensive dating confessions that, unfortunately, didn’t result in quite the happy ending you’d expect.

Small Food, Big Money

“A buddy of mine told me about this fancy restaurant that had hired a new big-time chef. I made a reservation to take this girl I was seeing since her birthday was coming up. I knew eating out at a fancy restaurant meant it would be expensive, but it really lived up to the $$$ status. In my head, I tried to justify it with the quality of the food, but how was I supposed to get a good taste of the food when all I got was two and a half bites out of every course that night? Turns out, we didn’t end up liking the food all that much.”

“Guess where our night ended? The tried and true, McDonalds. It was definitely a fail on my part since I should’ve read up on the reviews. It was pretty far from the nice dinner celebration I had hoped for .” – Rob M.  

Visit From Ski Patrol

“This guy I was dating invited me to a weekend ski trip to Big Bear with a group of his friends. I was pretty excited to go since this was our first mini-vacation or getaway together. I hadn’t been skiing in a while but I mean.. How bad could I possibly be, right? Turns out, everyone on that trip seemed to be a pro and had a season pass. I was starting to feel slightly uncomfortable but it went downhill really quickly when I lost my balance on one of the tall slopes and twisted my ankle. There weren’t too many people around (phew) but the ski patrol saw me and gave me a lift back down, which was pretty embarrassing. The medical bills added up fast, which made me feel even worse. Note to self: don’t overestimate your athleticism.” – Marina D. 

When It Rains, It Pours

“We bought tickets for an outdoor summer festival and I bought a new outfit to impress the guy I was going with. This was our fifth date and it felt like a big deal so I wanted to look extra cute (and in case we took any photos together). I also figured it was going to be hot since it was the middle of summer. What I forgot was, we were in Florida. Florida in the summer = occasional rain. Halfway through the festival, we noticed clouds coming in but I was having too much fun to really pay attention. Out of nowhere, it started pouring and we were drenched. My curls become a frizzy mess.”

“Not only was I unable to enjoy the rest of the day, I was so distracted trying to escape the rain that I left my bag with my wallet aka credit card! By the time I noticed, it was too late. We spent the rest of the day trying to track my stuff down. I definitely did not expect this date to go the way it did.” – Susie Y. 

Focus on QT with Your Cutie

Dating can be hard and sometimes the more pricey route isn’t actually better. If you’re looking for other ways to spend time with a partner or loved one without making your wallet cry, consider doing something special at home like cooking your famous dish or arranging a cozy night in with popcorn and a movie. At the end of the day, it’s the thought that counts. Spending quality time by creating a unique, personal experience or date will likely mean a lot more in the long run than splurging on one evening. 

Do you relate to any of these confessions? Do you have any crazy expensive failed date stories of your own? Share with us in the comments below!

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