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Now the makers of TurboTax are here to
help you navigate your financial life.

Whether you want to improve your credit score,
pay down debt, or make an important purchase,
Turbo can give you the tools and info you need to
truly understand your financial situation, and to
move forward
with confidence.


A full snapshot of your
financial picture.

With your permission, Turbo can bring your tax and credit report data together to help you see your
financial big picture. This includes your credit score, verified income, debt-to-income ratio (DTI), and
a consolidated view of all your credit and
debt accounts.

It’s easy to get started.

  • Sign into Turbo using your Intuit account,
    or create an account in seconds. You can
    use the same account to access all our
    products, including TurboTax.

  • See where you stand. You have the option
    to share your TurboTax info, so Turbo can
    include your verified income and help you
    better understand how lenders may view you.

  • Understand your financial life. Get a clear
    look at your income, credit situation and debt
    details. If you’ve filed with TurboTax and given
    consent, Turbo will include your verified
    income, helping you get more accurate
    advice and estimates.

  • Checking won’t affect
    your credit score

    Seeing your free credit score and credit report with Turbo won’t impact your credit score. Your credit score is provided by TransUnion, one of the three major credit reporting bureaus.

  • Why it’s free

    The Turbo website and app are both free to use. We won’t upsell you, or ask for any credit card info. We won’t sell your info, either.

    Turbo is supported by partnerships with lenders and other financial institutions. You never have to buy anything or accept any offers to keep using Turbo to see your free credit report and take charge of your financial health.

  • Millions trust Turbo

    Your personal info is yours, we’ll never use it without your consent. We use the info you share to offer trusted financial advice that’s based on your unique situation, enhance your Intuit account, and to communicate with you.

  • We’re serious
    about security

    Your security is our top priority—we work hard to safeguard your information by encrypting all of your data stored in our system. You have the option to enable multi-factor authentication for your Intuit account, for additional protection. On the Turbo app you can enable Face ID or Touch ID.

For more information, please see our Data Stewardship Principles, which reflect our company's
values and how we strive to maintain your privacy. You can also read the Intuit Privacy Statement,
which describes our privacy practices.

Three key numbers that impact
your financial picture.

Your credit score1 is just the first piece of your financial puzzle. Lenders look at
many factors when they decide your rates, and how big a loan they can offer you.

  • Verified income

    Only Turbo combines your credit score and verified income to help you take charge of your financial health. And because we can show you a more accurate picture of your income and debt accounts, you’ll always understand how things are going.

  • Debt-to-income ratio (DTI)

    Your DTI is a major factor when you’re getting ready to make a big purchase, like a home or a car. Keeping your DTI healthy is a crucial part of living within your means.

  • Credit score

    There are 6 factors that affect your credit score, and you can explore them all in Turbo. We use your credit report from TransUnion to help you understand the “whys” behind your score.

1There are various types of credit scores, and lenders use a variety of scores to make lending decisions.
The credit score provided by Turbo may not be the specific credit score used by your lender.

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