5 Things to Do to Sell Your House in the Spring

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Most people agree that spring is one of the best times to put your home on the market. Spring is when many buyers start looking for homes in order to move during the prime summer months of April, May, and June. If you’re preparing to sell your house in the spring, here are a few easy things that you can do to prepare.

Lose The Clutter

A few months before you’re planning on listing your home, you’ll want to start getting serious about decluttering. So if you’re planning on selling your house in the spring, you’ll want to start this process early in the new year. The earlier you can start decluttering the better – ideally, you’ll want to have this taken care of before the house is listed and the listing photographs are taken.

It may seem strange to start packing up all of your belongings before you know exactly when (or maybe even WHERE) you’re planning to go, but having a clean home lets potential home-buyers imagine the space with a clear perspective of how they might find themselves at home. It’s hard for your potential buyers to see themselves at home if every room has your family pictures, trophies and other personal items throughout.

So take some time to go through every room of your house and select out the absolute minimum that you need to live on until your house sells, and put the rest in storage. The cost of storage for a couple of months is not much if it can mean selling your house sooner and potentially for a higher price.

Upgrade Your Curb Appeal

The first thing that people see when they’re coming to look at your house is how it presents from the street and driveway. In many cases, you may have only a brief moment to capture someone’s interest as they drive by your home, so you want to make sure that everything is in place to make your home as appealing as it can be.

If you have outdoor furniture, clean it and set it out. Consider adding something like a decorative bench to boost curb appeal. Also, make sure that you trim back any bushes or shrubbery that grow into your driveway or walkways and regularly mow your yard. Some people think that cutting your lawn diagonally makes your lawn look larger, but regardless of how you cut the grass, pay attention to the details to ensure that all aspects of your lawn and landscaping are meticulous.

Spruce Up Your Windows

You’ve likely already planned to have a deep clean of your house, but one area that you’ll want to focus on is your windows so that they are washed both inside and out. That will let in the maximum amount of sunlight and make your home seem open, airy and inviting. Make sure that your curtains, drapes, and blinds are also clean and dust-free, and that the curtains and blinds are kept open before showings.

Another great way to make your home seem larger and more inviting is to use mirrors to maximize the amount of light that they reflect and let in.

Make The Right Repairs

You’ll also want to take a walk through your house and come up with a list of repairs and updates that need to be done before you sell your house in the spring. Try to walk through from a neutral perspective – put yourself in your potential buyers’ shoes. If you’re having trouble deciding which repairs and updates make the most sense, consider interviewing several real estate agents and asking them what they would recommend. 

You don’t want to make needless repairs and updates – after all, everything that you do costs money and you want to minimize your expense especially since you’re soon to be an EX-owner. But major items are going to come up on your buyer’s inspection report, so you might as well take care of them now and save both you and the buyer the hassle. If you’ve lived in the home for any length of time, you probably already have a mental list of all the things you’ve always been meaning to fix. Now’s the time to take care of that list before it becomes an issue that stands between you and a successful home sale.

Decide If Now’s The Right Time To Upgrade

Along the same lines as repairs, now’s a great time to decide what makes the most sense for upgrading your home. Again, consultation with one or more real estate agents can help you decide which upgrades will provide a positive return on investment. The conventional wisdom to focus on kitchens and bathrooms – upgrades in these two areas generally provide the biggest bang for your buck. Even relatively small updates in these areas (re-caulking the shower/bathtub, updating your faucets or re-grouting floor or backsplash tile) can make your kitchen or bathroom appear fresher for potential buyers.

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