Discover Your Next Major Minorstone

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Celebrating small victories is an important way to track incremental achievements and work toward bigger goals. Plus, it just feels good to have something to celebrate! Right? A little extra positive reinforcement never hurts. If you are working toward tackling a large debt load, it can sometimes feel like it’ll last forever. Just remember, your debt does not define you – it’s just one aspect of your life. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by it (we hear you!), consider taking a moment to celebrate a smaller, more manageable goal.

Introducing Major Minorstones! Financial success isn’t just about the big wins. It’s the smaller things, like making a loan payment or improving your credit score, that gets you ready for those BIG moments. Start celebrating your #MajorMinorstones and tag the hashtag on social so your friends and family can celebrate with you! If you are wondering where to start, we have some ideas to get you going:

  • Meal prepping for the week is a big accomplishment! Not only for your health, but also for your wallet. It’ll also save you a whole lot of money down the line. Plus, while getting organized, doing the shopping, and cooking? You got these #MajorMinorstones, friends.
  • Don’t treat all of your debt equally — you may want to prioritize your payments based off of the interest rate, due date, or if your loans are tax-deductible. Ready for another #MajorMinorstones? Consider prioritizing paying off your loans that have the highest interest rate first. If you tackle these loans upfront, you’ll pay less in interest, which may save you money over time.
  • Celebrate another one of your #MajorMinorstones by finishing your to-do list for this week! Completing items on your list gives you instant gratification. There is a certain joy in X’ing out a to-do with a pen. Go ahead, we’ll leave you to it, tackle this week’s list!
  • Payment history is one of the most important factors that impact your credit score. The longer a payment is delinquent, the more it negatively affects your score. Make sure you get your next payment in on time and celebrate your next #MajorMinorstones!
  • Nothing says “adulting” more than keeping up with regular medical visits. It’s important to make your health a priority and schedule a routine exam or wellness visit. Plus, being proactive about your health can help you stay healthy and detect problems early so you can take action and get ahead of medical expenses. Oh, you already scheduled your next appointment? Keep those #MajorMinorstones coming!

Our big goals aren’t going to happen overnight, or even next month and that’s okay. Take time to focus on those smaller but significant steps it takes to achieve bigger goals. Acknowledging these moments, be it financial, or not, helps make us want to go further at achieving our bigger goals. Celebrate your next win with #MajorMinorstones!

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